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Our business model is primarily focused on expanding the product portfolio to different marketing agencies and/or medical publishing houses that can benefit from our installed capacity for developing anatomical illustrations, and whose clients are companies operating in the pharmaceutical industry. Our main goal is to comprehensively assist the health care sector, and provide our services to new clients.

CREATIVE MED therefore represents a key element in your company’s operations. How does it work?

Our business model is divided into three segments, depending on our strategic client’s needs.

  1. Finished Projects Bank: We provide access to our finished projects bank, which have been developed for different types of markets, in where we currently operate. Therefore, this permits the presentation of related project.
  2. Anatomical Illustrations Image Bank: We provide access to our image bank of anatomical illustrations, which is classified by each of the human body systems. This allows you to select specific anatomical illustrations, which will also permit you to develop new customized projects, based in your client’s needs.
  3. Installed Capacity Leasing: We offer our strategic partners our installed capacity for developing anatomical illustrations, videos, graphic design, and programing services such as software development for mobile devices, and project management among others.

Investor profile characteristics:

  • Publishing firms and/or advertising agencies with at least 5 years experience in the health care industry with proven experience.
  • Proven economic solvency for the first year of operation.
  • Portfolio of clients in the healthcare industry.

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