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CREATIVE MED is a pharmaceutical marketing agency specialized in developing educational and advertising materials for the pharmaceutical industry.
We are focused in creating easy to understand health education content, specialized in detailed anatomical illustrations; Information that can be easily used by physicians, nursing staff, pharmacists, patients, and sales reps.

Our main objetives are:

  • Reduce patient anxiety, address misconceptions regarding therapy and/or illness, answering patient’s concerns.
  • Help patients to better understand health status, diagnosis and treatment options aiming prevention and treatment adherence.
  • Update physicians through easy to understand content.
  • Supply sales reps with innovative, accurate, and easy to use materials for field work.
  • Meet compliance guidelines.
  • Supported accuracy of content through primary references.

As a result, achieving brand positioning and top of mind for our clients.

About Us

Our mission is to provide support for the healthcare community, creating and offering educational materials of the highest quality that help both doctors and their patients.
We aspire to be the leading medical publishing firm and advertising agency in the healthcare industry, operating at a global level. It is our goal to be recognized for innovation, technological breakthroughs and modern designs through different media.
Creative Med employees, in cooperation with all its suppliers, are committed to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers
Our customers are: Product managers, medical sales representatives, physician, nursing staff and patients.
To achieve this, we must do what is correct, honest and fair, from the very beginning in all our activities.
  • Respect: We treat all our staff, customers, and providers with dignity and consideration. We count them in as part of our team.
  • Quality: We are dedicated to consistently produce results that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • Learning: Continually acquire knowledge to improve performance and quality of our products.
  • Integrity: We are committed to doing what is right, honest and fair.
  • Compliance: We strive every day to achieve the goals set with our work team so as to meet the delivery dates to our customers and our team.
  • Goals and Accomplishments: We encourage an environment of performance-oriented goals and achievements.
  • Anatomical Illustrations:They must be anatomically correct, detailed, high resolution and accurately labeled.
  • Means of Delivery: High resolution PDF ready to print files and responsive native apps.
  • Contents:
    • Accurate language for target audience
    • Consistency between text and images
    • Adequate authors
    • Accredited resources for references
    • Spelling and grammar


Print Projects 786
Html5 Anatomical Atlas 99
Anatomical Illustrations 2960
Mobile Apps 24
Videos 10

Why Us

  • 13 years of experience serving the health care industry.
  • Creation and development of high quality anatomical illustrations.
  • Privately owned image bank updated constantly.
  • In house medical research.
  • Drafting of texts based on project and group goals, with language based on target audience.
  • Development and execution of projects tailored to client standards.
  • Referencing and support for texts and illustrations, based on accredited sources.
  • Installed capacity: Medical, Anatomical Illustration, Graphic Design and IT Developments departments.
  • Global distribution with local support.
  • Brand recognition in the industry.

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