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Who we are

CREATIVE MED is a pharmaceutical marketing agency specialized in developing educational and advertising materials for the pharmaceutical industry.
We are focused in creating easy to understand health education content, specialized in detailed anatomical illustrations; Information that can be easily used by physicians, nursing staff, pharmacists, patients, and sales reps.

Our main objetives are:

  • Reduce patient anxiety, address misconceptions regarding therapy and/or illness, answering patient’s concerns.
  • Help patients to better understand health status, diagnosis and treatment options aiming prevention and treatment adherence.
  • Update physicians through easy to understand content.
  • Supply sales reps with innovative, accurate, and easy to use materials for field work.
  • Meet compliance guidelines.
  • Supported accuracy of content through primary references.

As a result, achieving brand positioning and top of mind for our clients.

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Print Projects 891
Html5 Anatomical Atlas 99
Anatomical Illustrations 3113
Mobile Apps 24
Videos 10

Quality Standards

Anatomical Illustrations:They must be anatomically correct, detailed, high resolution and accurately labeled.

Means of Delivery: High resolution PDF ready to print files and responsive native apps.

Contents: Accurate language for target audience; Consistency between text and images; Adequate authors; Accredited resources for references; and Spelling and grammar.

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Medical Research

Content development for specified target audience, supported by accredited references.


Creation and development of anatomical illustrations.

Graphic Design

Customized layout for each project.

Production control

Making print projects a reality (only available for in house projects).

IT and Development

Programing for digital projects in necesary language
(HTML, IOS, Android).

Our partners


Our business model is primarily focused on expanding the product portfolio to different marketing agencies and/or medical publishing houses that can benefit from our installed capacity for developing anatomical illustrations, and whose clients are companies operating in the pharmaceutical industry. Our main goal is to comprehensively assist the health care sector, and provide our services to new clients.

CREATIVE MED therefore represents a key element in your company’s operations. How does it work?